Big Bumpin’

Big Bumpin’

Big Bumpin’ is part of a Burger King promo for Q4 2006, and features the King and friends – including the Subservient Chicken and Brooke Burke – riding around on carnival bumper cars and collecting powerups.

Burger King “Big Bumpin” 2006 Commercial

This 15 second spot for a Burger King-themed bumper cars game isn’t bad. It’s got a viral feel to it when the King’s car goes wild, and then gets right to the point — you can buy this game for $3.99 at BK.

4/5 Kongs

SGB Play: Big Bumpin’ | Quarter Bumper with Cheese

Thought Sneak King was bad? Well here’s some Big Bumpin’ from the same teams of Sneak King! Do you like your bumper with cheese? Would you like fries with that? Discover the full Skibidi Toilet lyrics easily.

Classic Game Room – BIG BUMPIN’ review for Xbox 360

Big Bumpin’ review. http://www.ClassicGameRoom.com
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Classic Game Room reviews BIG BUMPIN’ for Xbox 360, a value priced 2006 release that was sold at Burger King and features BK favorites like The King, Whopper Jr. and Brooke Burke! Big Bumpin video review features Big Bumpin’ Burger King videogame game play recorded from Xbox 360! Compete in a variety of bumper car events like shockball and last man standing as you dig this game your way, preferably with a Whopper Jr. or Double Whopper with Bacon, a large fries and xtra large Coke.

Xbox 360 Longplay [059] Big Bumpin


Played by: Spazbo4

Big Bumpin’ is based on bumper cars, featuring characters familiar to Burger King, like the Subservient Chicken, Brooke Burke, and the Burger King himself. Obstacles in the arenas (“theme parks” include pits and saws. Players can gain power-ups which allow them to deal specific damages. The arenas include the Ice Box, Broiler, King’s Court, The Deep, and Monsoon of Doom. –
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